Cost Reduction Strategies

It can often be difficult to keep track of print costs and research suggests that companies can spend as much as 3% of their turn over on office output.

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At Direct Copiers Service we specialise in reducing client's spend on all copying and print output, By highlighting the true cost of your printing and will make recommendations on where significant savings can be made. By carrying out a non-intrusive audit of a company's current print resources, It is possible for us to prove how we can save money in the long and short term, while imporoving equipment reliability, Staff productivity and print quality.

We can arrange for any new equipment to be installed on a rolling basis, To prevent disruption and maintain the customer's business productivity. Once installed the equipment maintenance can be managed by us, Through regular checks on consumables and up to date reports on usage ideal for managing departmental print cost.

In addition, Our range features products which have been designed to use extremely low levels of eletricity, in some cases in stand by mode less than 0.2 Watts. These modles have some remarkable built in modes to save energy and even have the ability to adapt to the patterns of an office's general usage, By calculating how often a machine is used throughout a working week.